This website is for all of those interested in our work with upholstery. Please take a look at our large collection of photos, comments and our personal experience to become more familiar with the ancient craft of upholstery. In hope that we become your preferred choice, we welcome you to Nikitoís Upholstery.
About the Owner
I am an upholstery craftsman from the small and beautiful Caribbean island called Cuba, where Iíve used my hands as the primary tool to restore, transform, and even return to life all kinds of seats for over 20 years.

The content of my work is wide and varied, leaving customers the opportunity for their own assessment and always guaranteeing their complete satisfaction. I incorporate a modern take in upholstery by staying on top of international market trends and market demands.

I can work with various materials including vinyl, leather and fabrics. The quality of my work is a result of my experience.