Nikito's Upholstery can help with a wide variety of upholstery services:
  • FURNITURE UPHOLSTERY: We can upholster your furniture to your specifications. Wood repair, change springs, sponges and fillings. We can modify existing furniture or design something new. We take good care of your treasured antiques. We have the best and most current materials.
  • AUTOS: We do automotive interiors, garments of seats, door panels, carpeting, ceilings and porters. We can customize the look of your car . Additionally, we replace parts of the garments. Among the materials we have are fur, vinyl and fabrics of different colors and textures.
  • MOTORCYCLE SEATS: repair and upholster seats. We can change sponges with a variety of colors and materials. We can add lights to the designs and your own suggestions.
  • BOATS: We can upholster your boat to your specifications. We work with and replace wood, sponges, carpets and covers. We make new designs or you can change the look of the interiors with a variety of materials and colors. We can make or redesign the cover directly on your boat, with a wide selection in size and materials.
  • RESTORATIONS: We can restore your furniture, boats, cars and antiques. Using media crafts and bringing back to life what you may think is too damaged. These relics we inherit from family and which add memories for years can now be restored - leaving you with a feeling of having returned to the past. We will provide before and after pictures for you to make your own assessment.